"The Great Race"
Envato’s March 2017 Affiliate Competition
Share in over $15,000 in prizes!

We get excited in March. Why? Well, seasonally it's one of our biggest months. This means it should be one of the biggest months for you! And to make it even better, we're offering $15,000 in prizes to those who put the pedal to the metal this month. Remember you need to register below - and read on for more details.

Competition Prizes

Affiliates will be split into 4 leagues based on their February 2017 sales/deposit counts.
League 1
500+ Deposits in February

League 2
130 - 499 Deposits in February

League 3
15 - 129 Deposits in February

League 4
Less than 14 deposits in February

Within each league we have three prize categories this month. This includes a prize for:

1. The highest % growth in deposits from February 2017 to March 2017
2. The best new article, and of course:
3. ‘The Great Race’ with a cash prize for the first affiliate in each league to reach their February deposit numbers first.

First to February's Deposits

League 1: $2,500
League 2: $2,000
League 3: $1000

Deposit Increase

League 1: $3,500
League 2: $2,500
League 3: $2,000

Best New Article
in March

League 1: $500
League 2: $400
League 3: $250
League 4: $100
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Most Deposits

League 4: $250

"March 2017 Affiliate Competition" Terms

    We’re Envato - the promoter of this competition, and these are our promo terms - please read them!

    1. Competition runs from 12:00am AEDT on Wednesday 1st March 2017 to 11:59pm AEDT on Friday 31st March 2017.

    2. Entrants must have a valid marketplace account in good standing for payout.

    3. Entrants must register to enter the competition by 11:59pm AEDT on Friday 31st March 2017.

    4. Payout will only happen via the winners Envato Market Account.

    5. Winners will be contacted via email by 14 April 2017 and announced in our affiliate newsletter and other Envato owned communication channels of our choosing.

    6. How the competition works

    • Each entrant will participate in one of 4 leagues:
      • League 1 (500+ Deposits in February)
      • League 2 (130 - 499 Deposits in February)
      • League 3 (15 - 129 Deposits in February)
      • League 4 (Less than 14 deposits in February)
    • Within each league are three prizes:
      • First to February's Deposits. This prize is awarded to the affiliate who is first to reaches their February 2017 sales/deposit count. .
      • Highest MoM % Increase (March vs February). This prize is awarded to the affiliate with the highest % increase in March 2017 sales/deposits count, compared to February 2017. As an example: if Affiliate A has 10 deposits in February and 12 deposits in March, that’s a 20% increase. If no other affiliate has an increase equal to or greater than 20%, Affiliate A wins the prize for Highest MoM Deposit Increase. In the event of a tie, the prize will be split among all eligible winners. A minimum increase of 10 deposits is needed to be eligible for this prize.

      • Best Article. This prize is awarded to the Envato affiliate who has published and submitted the best new article during the competition period.
    • In the case of a draw, the prize for the league will be distributed evenly amongst the winners.

    • An affiliate may win more than one prize.

    7. The prizes are:

    • League 1
      • First to February's Deposits: $2,500
      • Highest MoM % Increase (March vs February): $3,500
      • Best Article: $500
    • League 2
      • First to February's Deposits: $2,000
      • Highest MoM % Increase (March vs February): $2,500
      • Best Article: $400
    • League 3
      • First to February's Deposits: $1000
      • Highest MoM % Increase (March vs February): $2,000
      • Best Article: $250
    • League 4
      • Most Deposits: $250
      • Best Article: $100

    8. By accepting any prize money you grant us permission to mention your account and website for the purposes of managing this competition or for any promotional activity we do in relation to this competition.

    9. We’ll only use your information for the purposes of managing, administering and promoting this competition. If the law requires it, we may report any prize winners and prize details to the relevant tax authorities.

    10. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information about how we deal with personal information.

    11. Prize pool payments are subject to foreign exchange rates of the date of payment.

    12. Entrants are responsible for meeting any tax obligations that come up as a result of this competition, however we may withhold any part of a prize if the law requires us to do so.

    13. We reserve the right to alter the duration of the competition.

    14. We reserve the right not to award prizes, to disqualify entrants, and to discontinue a competition if there is any illegal or fraudulent behaviour and also to cancel the competition if there are any circumstances that mean the competition can’t be run as planned, this includes technical issues, hacking, natural disasters and anything else beyond our control.

    15. This competition cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offer or coupon.

    16. Winners will be announced on 14 April, 2017

    For the purposes of this competition the following definitions apply:
    • Envato means Envato Pty Ltd.
    • Affiliate means an affiliate who has accepted the Envato Market Affiliate Program Terms.
    • New Customer Deposit means the first deposit from a new Envato Market customer.

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